Vacation in hell
© Thodoris Tzalavras - Vacation in Hell


These pictures represent one of the strangest experiences of my life so far. My mandatory army duty.

In contrast with the structured framing of the pictures which might be perceived to imply -semiologically- some association of that structure to what’s going on in the everyday life in the service, I want to make absolutely clear that there is NONE.

Also in contrast to the image that one might have of The Army, especially if that image is based in mainstream Hollywood-type movies, my experience begs the difference. In reality it’s more like “Dr. Strangelove” only without the nukes and all the killing. Nothing makes sense. Not by a long shot.

Nevertheless, even though these pictures are too few to present a complete and coherent story (mostly because I wasn’t in a good place -both literally and metaphorically- to make more) I proudly present them as some of my best work.

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